// Reimagine Distance Learning 

Reimagine Distance Learning is a sequential multi language art program

Reimagine Distance Learning

Reimagine Distance Learning is a sequential multi language 15-30 session art program launched by Performing Arts Workshop in July 2021. Through a series of video lessons, and individually designed community building curricula, students will have the opportunity to engage in learning, contextualizing, and practicing an art form in collaboration with a teaching artist and peers


Reimagine Distance Learning Mission

To provide high quality anti racist distance learning arts instruction for all students, with a commitment to collaborating with historically underrepresented groups including low-income communities, immigrant communities, indigenous communities, and Black and Brown communities.

To provide a learning experience that is highly accessible via an inclusive array of devices

To provide opportunities for arts practice

To provide opportunities for community building

To provide instruction in multiple languages (Mandarin, Spanish, English)

// Art Forms

Anti-racist focused art instruction for youth at no cost to participants.

Providing no cost art courses for for grades Pre-K through 12th in English, Spanish and Mandarin. Performing Arts Workshop classes include the following art forms: Creative Writing, Dance, Visual Arts, Media Arts, Spoken Word and Theatre.

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