Out of school time has received increased attention from researchers, educators, and funders as a venue where significant learning takes place.  Performing Arts Workshop’s Artists-in-Communities program is a leader in providing high quality arts programming to youth through their work in existing afterschool programs, community centers, and juvenile halls.  Their recent publication The Workshop Out of School, demonstrates the ways in which arts learning provides young people with the opportunity for inquiry and creative expression, which are key ingredients to the development of problem-solving skills youth need in order to succeed in the 21st century.

This guide is especially written for teaching artists, arts providers, and after-school administrators who are interested in learning a clear and collaborative process for providing quality performing arts instruction while negotiating the unique challenges that present themselves in out of school time.  The contributions of Performing Arts Workshop teaching artists offer a thorough examination of arts engagement in alignment with essential youth development principles.  The guide is divided by art discipline including an overview, instructions on how to plan a quality curriculum, and how to negotiate behavior and content management within the class.