An arts education hub for youth to activate their creative potential

Our neighbors in Excelsior/OMI and other nearby neighborhoods have been rallying for an arts center and youth arts education hub for their youth to cultivate their creative potential. In 2017, with the support and advocacy of the Friends of Geneva Car Barn and Powerhouse and a partnership with the SF Rec and Parks Department and CAST, the Workshop was granted the honor of being sole tenant and program provider of the Geneva Powerhouse. With the Powerhouse, Performing Arts Workshop has the opportunity to align our mission and values with on site and distance learning programming that will invite community input and allow us a return to creative ownness. 

Powerhouse Reimagine Distance Learning pre-k, middle school, and high school dance, spoken word, theatre, and visual arts classes was launched in summer 2020.

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Reimagine Distance Learning

Reimagine Distance Learning is a sequential multi language art program