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My name is Nabeel, I am 12-years-old. My interests are playing video games. My strengths include playing soccer. My cousin in the army is really important to me. He inspires me to be in the army.  I would like to become a good soccer player, and make lots of money.

What I learned about building an argument is that you have a choice that can be either right or wrong, you can get someone in jail for nothing or you can be right and chose the victim who actually did something. What I learned about teamwork and collaboration is that you can count on your partner when you need to.

My name Is Guadalupe, I am 13-years-old. My interests include exercising and my strength is doing good in school. An important person in my life is my mom because she cares for me and raised me to be the person I am. I would like to be a nurse to help people.

Being a detective feels like being sort of a spy, it feels like we are in a movie. What I learned about building an argument is that we can make a statement based on evidence. It does not matter if it is right or wrong. In the end we will investigate more about the case and probably know if somebody is the criminal or not.  What I learned about teamwork and collaboration was that partners need to work together on each piece of the work to get to the bottom of this case.