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My name is Paola and I am 14-years-old. I was born in Hayward, California but raised in Miami, Florida. I’ve lived in the Bay Area for seven years, and I still miss my city.

I grew up being told because I am a girl, I have to cook and clean. I think this a very sexist comment because my family never told my brothers to learn those things. This is why I chose my topic of double standards.

My personal interests and strengths are being fit and working out. I love knowing that I am healthy and as strong as I could be. I love exercising, even though I don’t really like sweating.

Honestly I want to set a mark on the world. I want my life to be recognized as a success. I want to die and millions of people to remember me. I do not want to just be like any other person in the world. I want to be a “somebody.”  

My name is Janet. I am fourteen years old. I was born in Memphis, Tennessee and raised in Hayward, CA.

Some of my personal interest and strengths are shopping. I enjoy finding stuff such as shirts, dresses, shorts, pants and shoes. My strengths are that I never give up on what I want and I put in the work/effort.

The important people in my life are my family and friends. I enjoy their company.

I would like to be a makeup artist. I like making people feel good about themselves. I like making them much more confident than they usually are.

I chose the topic, The Double Standard because I find it very interesting how society judges men and women differently.