COVID Protocol

Vaccinations and Testing

For in-house Powerhouse classes, The Workshop shall ask for proof of vaccinations for eligible students and will assist those who do not have documentation of vaccination by providing resources to vaccination appointments and/or COVID tests appointments.


Personal Protective Equipment

The Workshop will provide face masks and face shields for the purposes of our in-person programming. Unless exempted by a medical professional, all staff and students are required to keep their face coverings on throughout the duration of our programming.


Temperature Check & COVID Screening

Using a temperature gun, the Workshop’s staff will take the body temperature of anyone entering the Geneva Powerhouse facility. We will also ask COVID screening questions and keep a written record of this process.


Disinfecting and Ventilation

The Workshop will disinfect and clean all surface areas before and after each usage of the Geneva Powerhouse facility. Additionally, the Workshop will provide ample ventilation for indoor in-house programming.


Social Distancing

For in-house indoor programming, the Workshop will not enforce a social distancing rule, but strongly encourages all staff and students to be at a 4-ft distance from each other at all times. For in-house indoor movement classes, the Workshop encourages a 6-ft social distancing rule at all times. 


Exception to Face Covering Enforcement

Students and staff are allowed to take off face coverings while eating. Snacks will be provided for our in-person courses. Students will have the option of eating socially distanced indoors or outdoors. Nut free, dairy free, vegan, gluten free options will be provided.


COVID Symptoms

If a student displays signs of COVID symptoms during class their caregiver will be contacted for immediate pickup. The student may resume classes once they have a negative test. If you notice your student is showing COVID symptoms or has tested positive please inform Performing Arts Workshop immediately. If staff or teacher displays COVID symptoms or tests positive, students and caregivers will be informed immediately and class will be suspended until teachers receive a negative test. We will do our best to find a substitute if this situation arises.


COVID-19 Vaccines:

  • Resources to get vaccinated in San Francisco: link here.
  • Resources to get vaccinated in Alameda County: link here.
  • Resources to get vaccinated in Marin County: link here.

COVID-19 testing

  1. San Francisco: link here
    1. Artists/staff who live in San Francisco can find free and paid clinics through the link above. Test takes about 20 minutes. Results say they will be ready in 1-5 days, but it can sometimes take 7-10 days.
  2. Oakland: link here
    1. Artists/staff can find free clinics through the link above.
  3. San Rafael: link here
    1. Artists/staff can find free and possibly paid clinics through the link above.

Please visit SF.GOV/getvaccinated for a complete list of vaccination sites as well as days and hours of operation. People are encouraged to first seek vaccination through their health care provider, if they have one.