Gideon Mekwunye

Hometown: Oakland, CA | Genre: Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B, Afro beat, Igbo music, Nigerian Gospel, Igbo Rap | Styles of dance: Bboy, Turf, Pop, lock, house, Rock Dance, Waack, and Vogue | Gideon Mekwunye JR, is a song writer/dancer/Djay who goes by the stage names of Gid-Nasty, Giddy, and 95. The Founder of a Dance crew called Ace Mob (Artistic creative energetic men of brilliance) and Co-founder of Dance crew called The Oakland Originalz.

The Oakland Originalz now cover all aspects regarding the dance. This crew was envisioned to better the community, as each member is currently building skills to later give back to it. As far as song writing his goal is to convey his life story being born and surviving in America as an 1st generation African American and Djays at events to set a positive vibe those in need of services.

Gideon has performed for Alicia Keys at a pre super bowl event in Sf 2016, The Art of Rap festival at Fremont’s amphitheater 2014, Worldwide performances through street theater, Has commercial appearances for both Panasonic, Jan sport backpacks, and much more. Aside this Gideon has worked with multiple artists across California, Alaska, Arizona, New Mexico, Miami, Thailand, Las Vegas, Nigeria, Taiwan, London and Ghana.

Pronouns: He/Him/His.