Working with, not for

Workshop artists meet with students at our 86 partner sites around the Bay Area to teach semester-length or yearlong residencies in their art form.

Together with site staff, teaching artists set learning goals for their students that go beyond technical training in a particular art form. Our methodology prioritizes creative student expression, reflection, revision, and technique, turning Workshop classrooms into laboratories of deep engagement with the creative process.

Our teaching artists are professional artists and experienced educators in their field. As representatives of the Workshop in the classroom and communities they serve, teaching artists share a commitment to our mission and social justice values.

Collaborative Partnerships

Our work with schools is deeply rooted in partnership. With a commitment to long-term, collaborative relationships with teachers and site staff, we work with our partners and tailor curricula and approach to better serve student needs.

If you would like to become a partner, please contact our Program Director, Lorena Landeros:

Chinchin Hsu, Program Manager

Already a Partner?

Thank you! We value your time and effort in this partnership. We’ve gathered some important information and key documents below.

Working with an Artist

Professional Artists in the classroom bring with them a new perspective, a diverse set of art forms (dance, music, writing, and theater), and a professional understanding of those art forms. They also bring with them a way of learning through art that is outside traditional modes of teaching and learning in our education system. Informed by our social justice values, our teaching artists bring compassion, rigor, and creativity to each residency, giving students a space to tell their own stories through original compositions in their art form.

    • Direct contact with a working artist affords students the opportunity to explore their creativity and deepen their engagement with issues affecting them and our society.
    • Direct collaboration with a working artist affords educators the opportunity to reflect on their own teaching practice and become comfortable using the arts in the classroom.

The following is an example of the Workshop’s document for describing the different roles and responsibilities of teaching artist and educator. The contract makes sure both the artist and the educator are in agreement about the working aspects of any residency.

Often artists are required to gather student information for grant reporting purposes. This request is usually made directly to the classroom teacher or site coordinator. To better facilitate this process, Performing Arts Workshop has developed a Student Information Sheet to guide educators through this process. The Workshop Student Information format is based directly on the San Francisco Department of Children Youth & Their Families categories of required information.

Just finished a program?

If you have just finished working with a Workshop artist, please follow the appropriate link below to take an online survey about your experience. We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to tell us about our work. Your feedback is extremely valuable, and we use it to constantly improve our services.

If you have any questions or concerns about a program currently in progress, please contact:

Chinchin Hsu, Program Manager

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