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Ensuring equitable access to arts education for all youth

Our work for youth extends beyond the classroom. We advocate for policies and funding streams that expand and protect arts education for all children.

Our staff members meet with local, state, and federal elected officials to communicate the most pressing concerns for sustaining and promoting arts education as an integral part of public education.

Our Advocacy


  • In recent years, we have worked on campaigns related to PEEF (the Primary Education Enrichment Fund), a ballot initiative that secures funding for K-5 arts programs in San Francisco schools.
  • We participate in advocacy and strategic planning with groups such as Arts for a Better Bay Area (ABBA) and Arts Education Alliance of the Bay Area (AEABA).


  • At the state level, Workshop senior leadership participates in the California Alliance for Arts Education (CAAE), including its Policy Council.


  • Performing Arts Workshop is a member of  Americans for the Arts and the National Guild for Community Arts Education. Americans for the Arts provides all of its members with crucial national and international-level advocacy alerts. The National Guild for Community Arts Education brings organizations and individuals together to secure resources and support, make the case for community arts education and develop and share strategies for success.

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