We’ve wrapped up our second annual “sitecation!”



A week dedicated to an organization wide deep-dive into programming.

Site: partner location, such as a school or community center, with a multi-week residency taught by a Workshop teaching artist.


Knowledge of, and connection to, our programs is essential for our ability to be effective members of the Workshop community, but it can be challenging for some staff to visit classrooms on a regular basis. In the spirit of “strength in numbers,” Sitecation gives us all a moment to press “pause” on tasks together and experience our teaching artists and students in action. This is an invaluable way for us to cultivate more nuanced understandings of our work and more effectively support our teaching artists and partners. For sitecation’s second iteration, we also invited board members to participate, expanding the rich common ground sitecation provides for all those involved in operations at the Workshop.

This year, each staff member observed at least four classes at different partner sites around the city, and three teaching artists taught relevant model lessons in visual art, capoeira and poetry at the office. We entered the week with questions, homed in on some answers over shared meals, discovered more questions, and emerged with deeper connections to our work to help us become better advocates in our respective areas of focus.

We’re already looking forward to our next sitecation!