By Zoë Bartlett, Administrative Assistant, and Laurie Loftus, Director of Institutional Giving

When Gloria Unti started the Workshop in 1965, she did so with one goal in mind: to provide creative outlets to socially and economically disadvantaged youth who were otherwise shut out from opportunities to participate in arts programs. Because the course of her life was altered through her discovery of dance, Gloria understood firsthand just how transformative art can be, and she pioneered a method that placed young artists at the center of a socially engaged and critical practice. Today, the Workshop continues her mission of closing the arts education gap by providing accessible, social justice-informed arts education to marginalized youth in the Bay Area.

We see our artists as keepers of the flame, and we continue to be amazed at the energy and passion for learning our teaching artists exhibit. Since Gloria’s founding of the Workshop, we have had the pleasure of working with artists who actively dedicate themselves to promoting youth empowerment through creative expression. So we wanted to take a moment to appreciate our artists, both old and new, who have been on the front lines of serving and supporting our kids. Now, more than ever, we know how important it is to provide youth with positive forces of change, and that’s exactly how we view our artists.

We also wanted to take this opportunity to warmly welcome Christine Armand, Lara D’Emilio, Heather June Gibbons, Elizabeth Jennings, and Nicole Jost, who have recently joined our team of artists.

You can learn more about our artists here.