By Christina Magaña, Development Associate

Our Fall Campaign is ending in a week and we have much to report, a TON to be grateful for, and still more to ask.

This year’s online fundraising goal of $30,000 is the largest online fundraising goal in Workshop history. We decided to set the bar higher than ever before for three big reasons: we received some tremendously generous gifts; we received $3000 in donations in one day on #GivingTuesday; and supporters like you moved us. So we moved the needle from $20,000 to $30,000 in your honor.


If you’ve already donated to our campaign, thank you.

If you’ve been with the Workshop since its beginnings, or if you just learned about our work yesterday, thank you.

You are supporting work built on a foundation of 50 years of expertise, and you’re helping to ensure that this work continues well into the future. With you beside us, we’re all stronger.

As you may already know, we invest our resources in working with schools where we can address issues of access to arts education programs and participation in quality arts learning experiences. Our programming attempts to confront systemic structures of inequality, and your giving helps us continue this work. We really can’t thank you enough.


As we sit here writing and reflecting on how far this campaign has gone, on how far you have helped this campaign go, we again and again return to one particular student’s words. It just happens to be what we quoted in our acknowledgment letters: “I finally found something I’m good at…I want to keep doing this.”

Why do we want our supporters to hold this particular sentiment in their hands? Because it’s easy to forget the kind of thrill that comes with discovering, at long last, what you’re good at.

What a gift that this student discovered her poetry talent at such a young age, with the support of her phenomenal teaching artist. And how beautiful that this student not only knows her talent, but is excited to keep working at it.

That’s why we keep working so hard on the Fall Campaign, to make sure students have access to these moments of self-discovery. Today, we’re at 93% of our goal, with just 11 days left to get to $30,000. If you have yet to give a gift, we hope you’ll join us in these last few weeks of the year. If you’re one of our amazing donors who have already given, THANK YOU! You keep the Workshop’s wheels turning with your committed and joyful giving. It’s an honor to have you beside us in our work.