By Anupama Tadanki

“You are about to see the results of a YEAR-LONG collaboration. These kids have been working HARD!”

The DJ’s voice boomed through the powerful street sound system at 3rd on Third, Bayview’s monthly community festival, and marked the beginning of an energetic and inspiring night of performances.

“Are you all ready for this?!”


Students, parents, grandparents, siblings, schoolteachers, and teaching artists, among others, were eagerly waiting around the stage area. Oh boy, were they all ready to watch the kids rock out! Students from Dr. Charles Drew College Preparatory Academy’s 1st through 4th grade classes gathered to perform their original pieces. With bright and glittery face-paint uniting all the student performers, the audience was treated to an intriguing Creative Movement dance and a thought-provoking Spoken Word production.

Through their preparation for the performances, students explored diverse topics such as human emotion, education, inequality, race, and success. Those themes were reflected in their pieces through the choreography and rap lyrics. The Workshop’s programs are designed to use art as a creative way to allow students to reflect upon pressing social and cultural issues. As our board president, Sagar Gupta, worded perfectly, “Every student deserves the right to a proper arts and music education.”


“Trying to get our education…We are the new generation!”

Following the performance, students and their families enjoyed a delicious dinner provided by Old Skool Café.

Performing Arts Workshop would like to thank the organizers at Dr. Charles Drew College Preparatory Academy, 3rd on Third, Bayview Opera House, the Market on 3rd Street, Old Skool Café, and the San Francisco Foundation for helping make this event possible.